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Analytics for Small Businesses

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to analytics to better understand their customers and keep an eye on their competition. It can take quite some time to get the hang of analytics, but it’s well worth the effort in the end if you want to be successful in your market. Here are some basics we will discuss today that will help you get started using analytics for your small business.

What Is Analytics?

Analytics is science of analyzing data to understand patterns and draw conclusions. It is commonly used in sports, marketing, finance, politics and just about any other field you can think of. Analytics helps businesses to get insight from their data and explore hidden opportunities or threat for their business. Or process is simple. We analyze business’s existing data, identify are of improvement, recommend and implement appropriate solution.

Why Use Analytics?

Analytics tools are becoming cheaper and easier to use, making them accessible to smaller businesses than ever before. While it’s easy to see why larger businesses use analytics—they have more data and they need insights from that data—it’s not always clear why smaller companies would want or need analytics. However, even small businesses can make big gains with analytical tools. There are lots of market leading analytics and data visualization tools some of them are Tableau, google Data Studio, Microsoft Power where prices ranges are Free to $75. So there has a lots of choice for small businesses to start without paying anything literally.

Benefits of Using Analytics

Analytics is a way to help businesses explore hidden opportunities or threats. It helps you gain insight from your data and explore hidden opportunities or threat for your business. It helps you leverage better use of data from any source to inform decisions and optimize performance of your business. There are some key benifis all businesses will immediately get regardless of their industry and domain.

1- Get a ‘”One version of Truth” by merging different spreadsheet and data sources.

2- See the problem and Opportunity not just guessing using data visualization.

3- Clean data, accurate information leads to right decision.

4- Don’t wait for month/quarter end closing. See the closing result live and instant.

5- Forecasting ability and not get surprised.

Analytics For Small Business Owners

Smart business owners know that they can’t just let their business be—they need to actively grow and develop it. To achieve that, they need to know how their company is doing in real time. They need data. And, more than that, they need insights from that data—the key takeaways that will help them understand what they can do to grow their company, when they should act on those insights, and so on.

ARS Analytics is a dedicated leading data consulting firm based in College station Texas where we serve small and medium businesses on all industry to solve their data, reporting and analytics related problem. Our process is Analyze business process, understand need, find pain area, document and visualize processed and problems, design solution, recommend tools and techniques and implement the solution. We are vendor neutral, so we only look at business’s interest while selecting which tools to use.

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