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Point of Sales (POS) Analytics

Regardless of industry and domain, more than 70% of small businesses use some kind of Point of Sales (POS) either in form of Software as a service (SAAS) or hardware. For the purpose of tracking transactions, marketing campaigns, and customer experiences, Point-of-sale (POS) data is essential for every type of businesses.

Most businesses, including online and traditional retailers utilize POS data analytics to streamline transactions and gather insights. Addition to POS, most businesses use CRM, ERP, Accounting applications to operate and track the whole business operations. But most of the time, applications are note connected and Businesses don't able to utilize real value of those data.

Business analytics can help to connect all application and data sources. When all data sources will get connected only then the true value can be understood and business can focus on the area where it needs to. In this video, ARS Analytics is explaining why POS analytics is important and 7 most common POS analytics KPIs is used in the businesses.

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