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Case Study

ARS Analytics has very rich history of working with diverese businesses. Here are some of your best work's case study. Please feel free to review our Case Study papers where it explains how we work, our methodologies, what is our process to choose technology for our customer, what are the deliverable, how we deliver and overall project management methodologies.


Quala : Divisional Quality Report Automation

Quala is a leading clean solution company based in the USA. Maintenance division at Quala, uses the Divisional Quality Report to centrally maintain operations at various stores in the QMS Division. Even though some existing reporting and analysis covers many areas, some specific business reporting needs are not fully covered, and the Divisional quality report was built using Excel-based tools to fill the needs. This development was primarily driven and developed by VP pf the maintenance.

However, the current Excel-based tool has begun to show several disadvantages, including locking up system resources on the laptop that refreshes it, an opaque and slow data model that is difficult to modify, and a large file size that prevents easy sharing with store managers who would benefit from viewing the report. Quala contacted ARS analytics to provide a solution to automate the report refresh process and improve the reporting experience using a leading BI tool. Power BI was selected to give automated control over the end-to-end refresh, visibility into the refresh process, and easy delivery of a dynamic dashboard to end-users. The report was constrained to mimic the original Excel dashboard as close to 100% as possible

Core Features of Reporting Solution:
- Report hosting on a high-performance server, freeing up user computers and resources
- Manual data entry provided through Google Sheets
- Web-hosted report with user access management
- Automated report updates 8x a day
- Data model inside Power BI to combine inputs and prepare metric outputs
- 27 KPIs, provided at the Store, Division, Goal, and Year-to-Date level
- User Acceptance Test (UAT) reviewing metric accuracy between Excel and PBI metric outputs

Download the full Technical report

Superior Water: Tableau Dashboard and Intigration Project (1st project)

Superior Water is a Fast growing Small Business located in Houston mainly focused Water Purification and Filter business. During the growth stage, Superior water was using several independent systems and many isolated spredsheet across the organizations.

Pain Area:

During the Analysis Phase, ARS Analytics consultants identified the following Key pain areas:

1- Multiple Independent Systems such as CRM, Accounting, POS are not synced and provide seperate reports from each systems.

2- Isolated Spreadsheet has used widely and data validation is a main problem area.

3- Spreadsheet cases 'Nobody knows/toldme' situation frequesntly which significantly and directly affecting revenue.

4- Monthly, Quartly and yearly closing takes a lots of time and no easy way to take decision as getting seperate reports from different systems and spreadsheet.

5- Overall Sales and Operations decision making was difficult and many case based on incorrect reports or data.


ARS Analytics provided recommendation and agreed on solution to connect and sync all different data sources including spreadsheets (using strict data validation). Then create an immidete reporitng solution quickly over 4 months to solev immediate urgent need. Which will be 1st project with another follow on project.


After successfull implementation of the solution, ARS Analytics is currently working on the follown project on implementation ERP and intigrate some more independate systems with data warehouse and reporting solution.


Technology used: Tableau, Azure Cloud, My SQL 

SWC-9000 Superior Water_ars_Analytics_ed

Core Features of Reporting Solution:
- Used Microsoft Azure cloud solution to build datawarehouse.

- Used Tableau to visualize the reprots and created 3 high Level and 25 Low level metrics

- Build Automatic refresh that keep data uptodate from all data sources

- Ovear a year post project analysis made the solution mature and bug free under ARS Analytics's continious improvement process.

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