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Our Services

Our team of expert consultants is ready to help you navigate the complex world of IT. We offer:
  • Business Process Analysis: Streamline your operations with our business process analysis services.

  • IT Strategy Consulting: Let us help you develop a robust IT strategy that aligns with your business goals.

  • Data Analysis Consulting: Make data-driven decisions with our data analysis services.

  • Business Intelligence Consulting: Gain valuable insights into your business with our BI consulting services.

  • IT Risk Assessment: Identify and mitigate IT risks with our risk assessment services.

  • IT Project Management: Ensure your IT projects are delivered on time and within budget with our project management services.

  • Analytics Consulting as a Service: At ARS Analytics, we specialize in providing tailored data analytics consulting services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across various industries. Our mission is to help businesses unlock the power of data, transforming complex information into actionable insights that drive growth and efficiency. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

Data Visualization

You have data and want to see valuable trends and insights, but a stack of one or more spreadsheets isn't enough to give it justice. We can develop and implement a reporting solution to give you cohesive visualizations that look good and are insightful. We will use industry leading technology tools like Tableau, Power BI, and Google Data Studio to make your data more insightful, meaningful, and beautiful. If your data is currently all over the place, we can also offer services in connecting and combining many different sources such as spreadsheets, databases, cloud-based databases, and more into one centralized location for you.

Cloud Technology

ARS Analytics is partnered with leading cloud providers Microsoft and Amazon to leverage their excellent tools Azure and AWS. Our certified team has the knowledge to help our customer enable, host, or migrate applications and services through scalable cloud technology. If using cloud tools could help with your business problem, we will offer it as a proposed solution whenever it's a competitive option for your needs.


OT (Internet of Things) is an end-to-end process for recording information on events in physical space and taking it all the way to high-level insights. We can recommend solutions including choosing and deploying networks of smart devices and sensors, as well as analytical tools to load, process, and deliver that data. IoT is a disruptively innovative tool in many industries and ARS Analytics works with customers to identify the business areas where IoT can potentially unleash significant value.

Training and Support

We are committed to empowering your team to effectively utilize the tools and insights we provide. Our comprehensive training and ongoing support services ensure that you become a truly data-driven organization, capable of harnessing the power of data to achieve your business objectives.


Our data analytics experts collaborate with you to understand your specific needs and goals. We develop customized solutions that align with your business objectives, ensuring you receive the maximum value from our consulting services.

Statistical Modeling

Do you have data that's potentially valuable if it were leveraged into forecasts or production models? We can use statistical modeling to understand the implications of your data and predict useful metrics like budget, propensity to buy, and more. We practice highly effective predictive methods by using programming languages like R, Python, or SAS to implement broadly effective techniques like logistic regresssions or churn models.

Custom Development

Some tedious and difficult tasks can be facilitated with compelling and convenient access to information when you need it. We can create custom apps, recommend excellent out-of-the-box industry software, design databases, or prepare data warehousing as needed to deliver data when and where you need it. Some business cases where we may offer such solutions include inventory management apps, project management apps, conversion of spreadsheets to databases, CRM or many more.

Machine Learning

When a data environment is rich and well-tended, it becomes possible to develop more advanced modelling techniques. For businesses whose data is sufficiently large and predictive, we have the ability to help get even more value from the info you already possess. We can model and implement broadly effective machine learning tools in both supervised and unsupervised learning to help businesses based on their size and needs. Machine learning can give competitive advantages over customer experience, faster decision making, automating and streamlining operations, and boosting marketing. ARS Analytics maintains its data science proficiency by remaining current with developments in machine learning coming out of the most innovative industry developers and R&D at leading universities. A combination of breadth and depth just may lead to a unique solution for your business.

Data Integration

At ARS Analytics, we understand the challenges businesses face in consolidating data from multiple sources. Our team of experts can seamlessly integrate data from your CRM, ERP, and other third-party systems into a unified data warehouse, streamlining the analytics process and providing a holistic view of your organiz

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