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Data Mining and six common classes of tasks

Data mining is the process of analyzing data sets to identify various features. Data mining is an important part in AI development, because it allows the computer to understand vast amounts of data much faster than humans can.

The six common classes of tasks in data mining are anomaly detection, regression, clustering, classification, summarization, and segmentation.

Anomaly detection is the task of finding items that do not conform to a pattern or rule. Regression is where one tries to find a function that predicts the value for one variable given values for other variables - this is very useful when trying to predict future events based on past ones. Clustering involves finding groups of items that are more closely related than other groups - so you could cluster customers by their income or by their profession. Classification involves predicting group membership.

Data mining is vast topic and businesses need to take careful measres while data mining. ARS Analytics helps businesses to guide through all aspects of data mining and knowledge discovery processes (KDD).

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