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Gordon's statement blames employees and consumers for the game's failure, leading to widespread rese

The composer Mick Gordon worked on Doom Eternal for id Software and Bethesda, but quit a toxic client after working overtime, for months, with no pay and without even a contract.

Mick Gordon's statement is an educational exercise in all the things that can go wrong working for a company like Bethesda.

Mick Gordon was hired to do the soundtrack for Doom Eternal, a critically acclaimed game that nevertheless had its fair share of scandal.

Producer Marty Stratton blamed the quality and delay of the soundtrack on composer Mick Gordon. Now, Gordon has broken his silence and shared his side of the story.

Gordon felt depressed and exhausted after not sleeping much in weeks, and was just now becoming aware of unpaid music used in DOOM Eternal.

Mick Gordon was backed into a corner and had his reputation ruined by Marty Stratton's public condemnation of his work on the Doom Eternal soundtrack. He brought receipts proving that some of the issues on the soundtrack weren't even his.

Mick Gordon has faced harassment and death threats from unstable Doom fans. After a moderator took down Marty Stratton's public Reddit shaming, the post was back online 24 hours later, possibly under legal threats from Bethesda.

Many people on Reddit are calling for a boycott of id Software and Bethesda games, but Mick Gordon has issued a statement saying he's exercising his right to defend himself.

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